Steel-Cut Oats in the Crockpot and Steel-Cut Oats with Agave and Pecans

To cook the steel cut oats:
1 cup steel cut oats
5 cups water (or less for extra thick oats)
1/2 tsp. salt (do not skip the salt)

Combine steel cut oats, water, and salt in crockpot. (I sprayed the crock with non-stick spray to prevent sticking.) Cook on low, stirring every hour or so. After 3 hours start checking to see if the oats are as done as you'd like. I cooked the oats in this photo for 3 hours and 15 minutes, but a larger batch or an older model crockpot will take longer.

Steel Cut Oats with Agave and Pecans - 1 serving:

1 cup cooked steel cut oats, still hot from crockpot or heated in microwave for a few minutes
1 T agave nectar (I tried both Hazelnut flavored agave and amber agave and both were great)
6-8 pecans, coarsely chopped with knife (could also use almonds or pistachios)

Put hot oats in a bowl, drizzle with agave nectar and sprinkle nuts over. (If you're reheating the steel cut oats in the microwave, you may want to add a few tablespoons of water before you microwave them.)

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